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Thursday, April 5th, 2012 03:21 am


An exquisite mix of dark songs, following chronologically the 74th Hunger Games from Cato/Clove POV. These two are determined, cunning, confident in themselves. They are raised to believe that being a tribute is an honor so they are immensely proud to represent their district. Cato and Clove also respect each other but consider the other as their most dangerous enemy in the Arena. 
They grow fond of each other during the Games in their own twisted way. Surrounded only by death, they cling to the fragile bond of their alliance, friendship Who knows...

Lyrics and a download link under the cutCollapse )

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Saturday, May 28th, 2011 07:31 pm

So Lupercalia leaked yesterday. If you blinked and missed it, here it is. Mind the low quality (128 kbps) though.

I can't say I absolutely adore it from first listen, but the album still makes a good first impression. Somehow Patrick manages to find the balance between the positive and negative in life, between eternal optimism and deep water pessimism.

There are a couple of upbeat and dance-worthy tunes, including the singles Time of My Life and The City, as well The Falcons. House stands in the middle, being touching and yet catchy, happy song. On the opposite side is Armistice, which is typical PW and a future favorite of the wolf pack around the world, I am quite sure. The Days is even darker, more depressing and giving the general feeling of heartbreak. I can relate to the lyrics but I need to wrap my mind around it before I allow this particular track to grow on me. 
Then comes Willam, a song that begins absolutely astonishingly great..and ends, well, unexpectedly. "And I showed you my ugly heart // yet you did not surrender // loving me back to life // trough my self-destruction December"  strokes me, and the lines below are also quite moving and yet...the final accords of the song make me instinctively press the mute button. Has anyone else felt the same about it?
Together is perhaps the most mainstream piece of the whole album but I actually like the electronic feel. The lyrics are also good as Patrick's voice makes them even better. So far, it's my personal favorite. Can't say the same about Slow Motion - it's just one of those songs which I will repeatedly skip it the future. 
To sum it up, Patrick walks on the thin line between love and love-lorn, not exactly as the conquerer but the man, who has finally found the strength to believe in love again. 

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Saturday, March 29th, 2008 10:01 pm

New year, new stalking targets - that's my motto!

The list of friendly matches played this week was long. Нence I am quite certain most of you didn't pay attention of a rather dull game between Bulgaria and Finland, as both teams aren't EURO 2008 participants. I must admit that I couldn't carry less too, IF the friendly was played in Finland. With my city hosting the event though, it was a completely different story. It meant famous players arriving in Sofia for first time in 2008!

I don't know how familiar you are with the Finnish national football team, but my reaction when I first heard the Finns were coming here was to scream "Teemu Tainio!" with insanity in my voice, and then to dance a small dance of joy around the desk. Much, much later, other names started to pop-up at my over-exited mind: Mikael Forssell. Sami Hyypia. Petri Pasanen. Oh, the joy. Unfortunately, the latter two didn't make it to the squad this time. Even without them though, the stalking of the Finns was worth it. More than worth it, actually.

The story of one of the most exciting autograph huntings ever below the cut + pictures!Collapse )

Pfew, that was long! I only hope some of you found it interesting. At least it was real fun to retell.

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Friday, October 26th, 2007 02:24 am

Confirmed by the club. Both Jol and Chris Hughton have been sacked.

*tears up* Chris is part of THFC, always has been, always will be. At least in my heart.

It's over. Over. Over. He is gone. They are gone. We will never see them hugging near the touch line. We will never see them discussing the strategy on the bench. We will never see them at the Lane.

Can't believe it...I knew it was coming but...gah.

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Friday, October 26th, 2007 12:10 am

Aaaaargh, obviously the fortune has turned her back on us. 1:2 home defeat by Getafe, wtf...

Even Getafe's defense is better than ours and this is quite a worrying fact. Not only our defenders made mistakes - Cerny was basically useless, which kinda explains why Jol didn't trust his skills. Nobody can tell what would have happened if Robinson was on goal (perhaps a last second drama would have been inevitable), but still...anything is better than Cerny.

Sorry, Mr Jol, for cussing you so much about letting Robbo start every game. I wasn't right. *waves the white flag*

Back on the game: Spurs had some ambition and if it was blended with luck, we would have scored at least one more time. Unfortunately, the ball was either hitting the post or flying just inches wide. Berba and Co. were also involved in a dozen of offsides which is always one of the worst things that can happen in football - the whole play and motivation of the team is suffering when an attack is stopped by the referee's whistle. It's high time for Spurs' strikers to start to keep an eye on the opponent's defenders and their position. Being stuck into the opposition requires some marginal vision after all.

God. Can't believe that we suck in Europe as badly as we suck in England. *headdesk* I believe this is the end of all "Oh, we will win the UEFA Cup this time!" speculations. For good.

Rennes also lost tonight - 0:1 away from FC Basel. I am not quite surprised because last time the French side played in UEFA Cup, they finished last in their group.

[ETA] JOL HAS STEPPED DOWN. Mixed feelings. Shit.

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